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In today’s blog post we are going to look at how we can easily spruce up the facade of your property. This is essential before it goes to market with your Northumberland Estate Agents.  The, so-called, curb appeal of a property is what people first see when they come to view a property.  First impressions can often be the deciding factor when it comes to buying your new home. Sometimes, it can be free and sometimes a little cost may be involved. When it comes to selling your property with Northumberland Estate agents the little things are important.

What are we going to look at today

  • Drives and Pathways
  • Lawns
  • Walls and Fences
  • Potted plants and Hanging baskets

Drives and Pathways

This is one of the first things people will notice.  They walk on these to get to your front door and will hopefully be doing it for years to come. Therefore it is important that they either do one of two things.  They will either fall in love straight away or at a minimum not feel like it will be a massive task to rectify. The easiest way to do this is by a little maintenance. Firstly, de-weed the drive, path and surrounding area. If there is gravel make sure it is topped up and even, and not spread in places where it shouldn’t be.  Finally, give it a good clean. Use a pressure washer if you need too. There are professionals available if it is a big job.  


This is a major factor when Northumberland estate agents are selling your property. A well kept lawn can act as a border to work of art.  You will need to make sure, again, there are no weeds viewable, the grass is cut short and the edges are trimmed.  Professional Landscapers are definitely not required. However, a gardener could come in handy to assist with you before the house has a viewing.  

Walls and Fences

It is up to yourself how far you go with this one.  It totally depends on how bad (or good) the state of the fence or wall is. Your Northumberland Estate Agents suggest that any minor repairs could be done immediately. Of course, this can be costly. However, a lick of paint on the fence could make all the difference.  A spruce up will give the opinion to the buyer that if you have looked after the outside so well, the inside will have had the same treatment.

Potted plants and hanging baskets

You can either choose mini trees, bushes, bedding plants or potted plants. They all improve the overall view of the house when they are placed either side of the front door.  Durable planters are important as the weather can take its toll on the freshness of a planter.  Your Northumberland estate agents believe that the colour of potted plants in the summer and the presence of evergreens in the winter will improve the first look of the property. 

Hanging baskets bring colour directly at eye level.  They can be a great option to add a bit of interest to the property.

Your Northumberland Estate Agents believe a few little tweaks to the curbside appeal of your property. It will help with the first impressions of a property. It will also help with buyers’ opinions of the rest of your property.  A positive first look will hopefully end up with positive outcome on the viewings of your home

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