It’s About Time You Looked For The Logo!

Propertymark have recently released their new advert…. and you should know what it means!

With so many estate agents out there, how do you know which one to choose? Well it’s about time people start to realise how to distinguish between the good, the great and the bad.

It’s true that there’s no mandatory regulation of estate agents. The idea that anyone can become an estate agent isn’t far from the truth. By using an NAEA Propertymark estate agent you are guaranteed to be consulting with a professional agent who can give you up-to-date advice and guidance.

All members of NAEA Propertymark have joined up voluntarily in order to demonstrate transparency and ensure they are at the forefront of developments in the industry. All of this is to provide the very best moving experience to you – they have nothing to hide!

A recent survey carried out by Propertymark showed that awareness of the logo is growing, with 16% of UK adults recognising the brand, a figure that jumps to 21% among first time-buyers and a staggering 34% among 18–34 year old.

So What Makes NAEA Propertymark Protected Estate Agents Different?

Exceptional Integrity
All protected agents are experienced and trained professionals who abide by a nationally recognised Code of Practice.

Complaints Procedures in Place
This is now a must for all estate agents. Ruling on complaints through independent ombudsman services and regulated by Propertymark. Providing trust for the consumer.

Peace of mind
They hold all the correct insurance and protection to give you peace of mind through your move.

With a lot of media attention around money laundering. Propertymark Protected agents are registered with HMRC to ensure compliance with money laundering regulations.

So keep your eyes peeled for the logo to make sure you’re using a professional, fully qualified, regulated agent. And remember, NAEA Propertymark estate agents don’t just sell houses – they help you move.

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