New Development for Luxury Flats in Newcastle could over shadow Central Station

Adderstone Property Group have showed their interest in building an eight-storey apartment block in Hanover Square.

The building would see a development of ten new flats, considered to be “bold and contemporary”.

Before Adderstones’ proposal for the new plan, the land had been given approval to build a 25-flat development in 2013. However, the council approved plan never materialised and has been left empty ever since.

In previous years, the land has become somewhat of a dumping ground. The planning application for the development said,

The last commercial use of the land ceased some 70 years ago with the demolition of the Victorian buildings that had served the neighbouring warehouse.

Since then the land has been used during the construction phase of the adjacent residential buildings for site accommodation, and the land is under the same ownership as these buildings.

This land, however, has been vacant since and become subject to fly tipping.
It has suffered the same security issues as much of the surrounding paths near the site. It is not well lit and has never been brought into use as an area of open space.

Development of this site would therefore benefit the area by increasing the foot traffic, providing a well-lit and used space and overlook the footpath to its southern boundary thereby increasing the security of the area.

The new flats are set to be a mixture of one and two-bedroom properties, with a sleek, contemporary design. A planning office report to councillors states then new homes would “allow positive enhancements to be made to the site and provide high quality dwellings in a sustainable location”.

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