New Year…. Time to Get Moving!

Christmas is finished and the celebrations are over. It’s a brand New Year and there’s the same old picture above the fireplace. What’s more exciting than starting the New Year with a new move and a fresh start?

We’ve all had that Monday feeling and there’s never a time you feel it more than going back to work after the winter break. January has always been a time for people to flourish in new surroundings as properties pop up all over the place. On average house sales rise across the UK in January with the amount of people looking on Rightmove seeing nearly a 200% increase. So if you’re wanting to sell then now is the time most people are looking.

No doubt after an expensive time during the festivities, people are getting their finances in order in January. This seemingly extra income allows people to consider starting new pastures and pushing onto an exciting new venture in a new home.

All in all, January doesn’t have to be the depressing month of heading back to work and forgetting about Christmas for another year. It can be a month of excitement, expanding and looking ahead.

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