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An online letting agent is the low cost and effective alternative to traditional high street agents. Online letting agents are not geographically bound and can therefore provide a letting service to any landlord, anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Essentially the actual process of letting a property through online letting agents is very similar whereas, a tenant calls the office, their details are registered, the landlord is contacted; a viewing is then arranged and carried out by the landlord. An agreement is then written and signed, the deposit registered, and the tenant moved in.

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Letting Agents vs Online Letting Agents

What are the biggest differences between a high street letting agent and an online letting agent?

Cost Effective

Save hundreds in cash by choosing an online letting agent, as there is just one upfront fee to get your property online with ZERO commission costs.

Landlords are in Control

You’ll be in control of letting your property by using our simple online tools to manage your viewings, enquiries and paperwork

Lower Overheads

Online agencies don’t need to use a high street branch, tenants can simply pick up the phone or enquire online, in turn means you pay less.

Pick and Mix

Unlike the inflexible packages offered by high street agents, you just choose the services you need.

Cut Out the Middle Man

You don’t need a letting agent who doesn’t know your property and charges you, and the tenant, extortionate fees. Advertise your property exactly where tenants go to look for their next property

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If you are wanting to keep more money from the sale of your Gateshead home. It is our opinion that the equity in your property is yours. Why give away thousands when you don’t have to? The team here at Seven Keys have stripped away the large costs of a high street agent so that the savings can be passed onto you.

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Based in the heart of the North East, with over 10 years of experience, we provide an affordable solution to the sale of your property.

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As one of the leading Gateshead estate agents, our property service is unbeatable, and we understand the importance of satisfying your needs and expectations. You can call us today and discuss your property for sale or buying requirements with a trained member of staff or visit us in the office for a face to face chat.

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