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What’s the value of my home?

If you’re wanting to find out the value of your home, please use our online valuation tool to see what your home could be worth. To give you an idea of your property’s value, this simple tool will provide you with a basic estimate to see what kind of sales value you could achieve.

Is the online property valuation accurate?

There’s no substitute for a real, personal valuation from a skilled local property expert. However, the online valuation tool is useful to provide you with a broad range of what your property is worth.

It’s impossible to know precisely what your house is worth based solely on the result of the online valuation. There might be instances where the results match with your expectations, in which case that is fine. Generally, we advise users to take the results with a ‘pinch of salt’ and have a more accurate in-home valuation with our local agent.

How does the online valuation tool work?

Simply enter a few details and you will immediately be given an estimated value of the property, within a predetermined range. The valuation uses data from millions of property records to give you the best possible estimate. It also includes other information such as recent sold house prices and local area information.