Seven ways to attract potential buyers…

Have you ever had your property sitting on the open market and unable to sell? Ever wondered why nobody is viewing your home?

Read our list of seven ways to attract more buyers and receive more potential viewings on your property. You never know, the small changes could see larger gains.
  1. Tidy up the front garden.

Even if the front of your property is a small yard, a tidy first impression goes a long way. Maybe think about clearing up the weeds and planting some small flowers, a bit of colour is an easy way to make a good lasting opinion on a potential new buyer.

  1. Move the sofa.

How often do you clean behind the sofa? Pull out those stationery bits of furniture and give your property a real spring clean. More and more people are attracted to non-chaotic and clean spaces so throw away the clutter and show off space.

  1. Invest in a new front door.

It’s surprising how off putting an old door can be for a new buyer. A washed out yellow PVC door could really damage your chances of obtaining viewings. If you’re prepared to spend a little cash to get your house up to market standard then a new front door makes a great first picture.

  1. Clear away the mess.

How long have you wanted to throw away that old vase or the coffee table that no one uses anymore?….. Well now’s the time to take a trip to the skip! Throw out the old and enjoy the extra room, it’s amazing how much difference it will make when buyers can see the space they could be working with.

  1. A quick paint job.

A fresh lick of paint never hurt anyone. It’s inevitable that your household walls are going to get marks and stains on them. A quick paint job will easily spruce up your chances of gaining attention, the less work someone has to do when moving into a property the more likely they are of purchasing it. And remember, don’t forget the skirting boards.

  1. Swap the kitchen doors.

Now this doesn’t have to be an expensive job. A lot of companies out there will come and replace your cabinet doors for a fraction of the price a new kitchen would cost. However, if you’re thinking this isn’t for you but your kitchen is looking a bit worn out, you can always swap the side your cabinet doors open….. That way they won’t be hanging off anymore, genius!

  1. Add some colour and bring the outside IN.

Now I don’t know about you, but a bunch of flowers on the dining room table brings the whole room to light. Whether it’s a bouquet of roses or a bundle of lily’s it simply puts a smile on my face. If you’re lucky, they might even be bought by the hubby!

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