Top tips for buying your first home from estate agents Gateshead

A huge life event, buying a home is an incredibly exciting prospect. Up there with getting marred or having children, buying your first home is a cause for celebration, however the path to getting there can be a stressful one at times.  In this blog post we will be offering a few top tips based on our ten years of experience as an estate agent Gateshead to help you keep the process as simple and easy as possible.  

Think about the area

Gateshead is an excellent choice for first time buyers. It is very affordable, well-connected and home to some truly beautiful locations such as Chopwell Woodland Park and Gibside. 

The average house price in Gateshead is £95,805, compared to £141,844 in Newcastle. Meanwhile, London’s average house price sits at a whopping £514,000.

Once you’ve chosen a region, zoom in to the local towns, cities or villages. You will want to ensure that you have your desired amenities, transport links, shops and leisure activities within a reasonable distance and if you have kids, you will of course want to research the local schools. 

You may also want to research crime levels which will affect insurance premiums. 

View, view and view some more

Rather than searching for your ‘ideal’ home, view as many properties as you can and create a checklist of what is essential and what is desirable. Compromise is a integral part of buying a home.

Although photos are helpful, you can only know how you feel about a property once you’ve seen it in the flesh. Try not to be dissuaded by superficial elements, like decor, tidiness and lighting. Underneath could be the house for you!


Shortlist all of your ‘maybes’ and consider viewing them again, perhaps at a different time of day. If you viewed the property in the daytime first time round, try taking another look around in the evening to see how the area fairs at night time. 

Ask yourself and the estate agent Gateshead lots of questions

Avoid rushing into a sale. You may be tempted, but if you do without asking the right questions, you may be met with a nasty surprise when you move in. Ask yourself if you can picture yourself living in the home, can you see your furniture and possessions in there, can you imagine living in the area. If you’re unsure about any of these questions, maybe it’s time to rethink. 

As estate agents Gateshead, we’re used to being asked tonnes of questions so don’t be shy and ask away. How long the property has been on the market, what fixtures and fittings come included, is there any essential works or repairs that are needed. These are all good places to start. 

During the conveyancing process, make sure you ask the seller questions. Ask about the age of key elements of the house including the roof and boiler. You’ll want to know about broadband speeds and any maintenance issues as well. As your estate agents Gateshead if you’re unsure of what needs to be asked. Here at Seven Keys we’re always here to help make the process as smooth as possible. 

Exchanging contracts

This is the critical part of the sale. It is legally binding so once you’re through this process, changing your mind can come with high costs. This is where you will pay your deposit, typically 10% of the property. 

Make sure that you are absolutely certain and happy with your decision. 

If you are a first time buyer looking to hop on the property ladder, get in touch with Seven Keys today. We’re one of the leading estate agent Gateshead with over a decade experience in the property market. 

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