Why SELL your Home this Winter?

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the New Year, why wait? There’s always advantages to getting your property on the market before Christmas. It’s true that on average there are less homes put on the market in the lead up to the festive season, however, that doesn’t mean there are always less buyers. If anything, the ready and willing buyers out there are wanting to purchase at an increased pace in order to secure a move before the turn of the year.

Of course there are pros and cons to everything in life, and selling your home in the winter months certainly doesn’t fall shy of them, but you may be surprised with the advantages on offer if you were to choose the holiday season as the time to tempt the market. Here are our select Seven Keys favourites…

Seasons Don’t Exist on the Internet

Let’s think about this one logically. Long gone are the days of walking down the high street and perusing a number of Estate Agent windows. Why not leave the gloves off and stay at home?

Colder winters mean more time spent indoors and in turn lends a perfect reason for buyers to search online for their dream home. It’s a fact that over 98% of people searching for property will begin their search on the internet and with plenty of time on their hands, being stuck indoors really helps push buyers towards looking.

A Lot Less Competition

The peaks and troughs in the housing market are a common occurrence year on year. Fast forward to Spring time and the market will no doubt be inundated with properties all over the country. Less homes on the market in the winter months means buyers have less to choose from and as we’ve said previously, less houses on the market doesn’t always mean less buyers. You could even see this is an opportunity to have the market all to yourself!

That Festive Feeling

Personally I don’t believe anyone has trouble enjoying the festive period, with work slowing down, the Christmas nights out and the cosy glass of mulled wine around the fireplace it’s hard not to feel happier at this time of year. With a general cheery mood bewitched with smiles amongst home buyers, they are more likely to act and offer on those wanted properties.

Let’s not forget, it’s this time of year when people are off work and have a lot more time on their hands. More time can only mean one thing…. More browsing.

The Fairytale Appeal

There’s something endearing about a blanket of snow covering that perfect property, whether it reminds you of Home Alone or National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, the romantic appeal at Christmas time can really pull on the heart strings.

It’s no surprise that potential buyers like to see how their future home could look, for this very reason a beautiful set of Christmas decorations could really appeal to buyers and families alone. Use the season to your full advantage and you’ll soon find someone who feels the same way.

May your New Year’s first-footing also be your first step in your new home.

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